About Me

It’s a privilege. Seriously. It’s an honor to do what I do. I’m the custodian of people’s stories. They trust me to take their life experiences, or an idea that might have been gestating for 25 years, and turn it into a book that people want to read. There’s power in that. Books change lives. Words change the world. I couldn’t do this if I didn’t respect that power and love what I do. 

Who am I? I’m a native Californian who’s found his way to the jazzy heart of Kansas City, Missouri (mainly because I married a KC girl). I’m a lifelong writer, starting with my days at California State University, Fullerton to my time as a magazine journalist, and then moving on to my work in advertising and marketing, and finally, to the world of books and publishing. 

In 1995, I got fed up with OPD (other people’s deadlines) and BS and left my cozy ad agency job to become a freelance copywriter. It was all good: living with my best buddy at the beach, working for myself and doing my fair share of partying. After I had a family, I got the opportunity to write a book for one of my clients, The Brand Called You. It was a hit, and that book spun off more books, helped me get to know some top literary agents, and gave me a second career. 

In 2005, I chose to lay my copywriting pen down and focus my work exclusively on ghostwriting nonfiction books. Since then, I’ve moved to the Puget Sound region and then to the Midwest and knocked out more than 40 books, but my love for the journalistic, intimate, creative profession of ghostwriting has never faded. 

I’m also the father of two amazing little girls, a lifelong baseball fanatic, a blues singer and harmonica player, a sailor (landlocked for the present but not forever) and a veteran world traveler.