Consulting Packages

30-Day “Path to Published” Session
I’ll work exclusively with you (no other consulting clients) for 30 days to develop a soup-to-nuts plan for the creation of your book. Includes:

  • Extensive phone or Skype interviews
  • Book concept, structure and brand development
  • Analysis of your target audience
  • Comprehensive content outline
  • Productivity plan to help you produce at least 2500 words of copy per week
  • On-demand phone, Skype or IM coaching 
  • Guide to personally vetted vendors such as editors and proofreaders

Cost: $5,000

Download a sample “Path to Published” plan

30-Day “Path to Published” Bestseller Session
This exclusive, premium 30-day session includes everything in the standard consulting session, plus:

  • Analysis of optimal publishing options—seeking a deal, self-publishing or “partner” publishing—with pros, cons and costs of each
  • Marketing platform development plan, including social networks, blogging, strategic partnerships and media
  • A book-to-business strategy designed to help you turn your book into career opportunities—speaking, media, ancillary products and more
  • Recommendations for literary agents (if seeking a publishing deal)
  • Guide to personally vetted publicists, social networking companies, web designers, book printers, cover designers, etc. 

Cost: $10,000

Monthly Coaching Retainer
I’ll become your on-call writing coach, counselor, butt-kicker and panic button, with one goal: get your book written. I’ll come to you for a three-day kickoff planning and advisory session. After that, we’ll spend two hours per week on the phone or Skype talking about your book, getting you motivated, fixing problems and finding ways to get you writing even if you think you have no time. You can also email, text or IM me at any time with a question, problem or idea. It’s the next best thing to having me write your book for you.

Cost: $2,000 per month; 6- or 12-month contracts only

One-Hour Call
If you want a sounding board and some good ideas, try a one-hour consulting call. We’ll talk over your book idea and its market viability, your marketing resources and how to leverage them, your publishing options, and some best practices for getting your manuscript written…even if you have no experience. Then, if you want to upgrade to a more expensive consulting package, I’ll credit you the $500. 

Cost: $500 (credit cards accepted)

What is Book Doctoring?

Let’s say you don’t want a ghostwriter. But you’re new at this, so you don’t want to fly solo. Book doctoring might be the answer. You write your rough draft, and then I step in. I edit your manuscript. I suggest rewrites. I make title and subtitle recommendations. I might write new material or even restructure your entire book. Basically, I take your raw material and polish it into a pearl. You get the professional ghostwriter’s touch at a much lower cost—usually around $15,000. 

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