“You know, I’ve always wanted to write a book.”

I hear that all the time. (So much that I used it as the title of my book, but I digress.) People dream for years about writing a book. Some are top-flight professionals or entrepreneurs looking to brand themselves as experts in their fields. Some are speakers or coaches looking to increase their visibility and credibility. Some just have a life story that they’re dying to share. But most will never write their books because they lack the skill, knowledge and time. 

That’s where I step in. As a ghostwriter, I learn about your ideas, story, vision and goals. I help you develop your book’s concept and structure. Then, using extensive interviews with you, your past writings and my own research, I write the book you’ve always wanted in a voice that reflects your vision, not mine. It’s my job to disappear so that you can shine. 

If you choose, I’ll also help you develop the marketing and business plan behind the book, determine the best way to publish, and figure out additional ways to leverage your book into a successful brand. 

Who should hire a ghostwriter?

  • Corporate executives, entrepreneurs and businesspeople who want to tell the story of their company’s success or their own
  • Healthcare professionals, attorneys, financial advisors and other professionals who want to elevate their status and/or establish a branded product or system they can turn into income
  • Speakers, coaches and consultants who want to increase their bookings, turn their ideas into seminars and boost their fees
  • Celebrities and athletes who want to leverage their visibility 
  • People with fascinating personal stories who want to become speakers, coaches, or media personalities
  • Anyone who thinks their story can make a positive difference

Big Questions

Who gets the credit for a ghostwritten book?
You do. I usually get a “with Tim Vandehey” credit, especially for books published by major publishers, but that’s something we’ll discuss.

Who owns the rights to my ghosted book?
You do. I own nothing.

Can you help me find a literary agent?
Possibly. I have relationships with many agents and know how to find more. 

Can you help me find a publisher?
If finding a publisher makes sense for you (it doesn’t always), then finding your agent will get you your publisher. A good agent will be your best ally. 

How long does it take to ghost a book?
Depends on the length and complexity of the project. It can take 3 months if the book is simple and short, or a year if it’s complex and needs a lot of research. 

Is there a stigma attached to having my book ghostwritten?
Not anymore. It’s very common. 

How much does it cost? 
It depends. Writing a typical 250-page book from scratch typically costs between $40,000 and $60,000, depending on length and complexity. If you have a publisher, my fee might be 30% of your advance plus 30% of your royalties. But if your book is short and simple, my fee could be lower. We’ll talk. 


Do I Need a Book Proposal Instead?

Yes, if you want a publishing deal. A book proposal is a sales document that’s used to sell a nonfiction book. It consists of an overview of the book, author bios, your marketing plan, an analysis of your target readership, a review of comparable titles in your genre, a detailed outline of the book and two sample chapters. 

You’ll use the proposal to get a literary agent, who will then shop the proposal to publishers. That’s how you get your book deal. 

About two-thirds of my book proposals have resulted in publishing deals. Writing a proposal typically takes 2-3 months and costs $8,000. 

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